Take 'Yo Ass to Bed

Sep 06, 2023

Hello, fellow morning heroes! We've all had those moments when we need to pull off something extraordinary, even if it means waking up at the crack of dawn. Today, I want to share a personal experience that might just inspire you to become your very own morning hero.

Rise and Shine at 3 AM

So, there I was, at 3 o'clock in the morning, wide awake and ready to conquer the day. Now, I consider myself a morning hero, but this was pushing it even for me. Why was I up at such an ungodly hour, you ask? Well, I had a mission—a chapter in a book titled "Peak Performance Sales to Habits" awaited my revisions, and the deadline was looming.

Battling Procrastination

Procrastination is a sneaky adversary that can strike at any time. I had been putting off these revisions, and the clock was ticking. Today was the absolute last day for me to submit my work to the editor. There was no other time in my busy schedule to tackle this task, so I had to make a tough call: rise and shine or face the consequences.

The Secret to Accomplishing More

The secret to achieving your goals is simpler than you might think—just wake up a little earlier. It's a strategy that's worked for countless successful individuals throughout history, and it worked for me too. But there's one important caveat: don't compromise on your sleep. Getting enough rest is crucial for your physical and mental well-being. So, I didn't sacrifice my seven hours of sleep; instead, I adjusted my evening routine.

Taming Your Evening

To become a morning hero, the first step is to master your evening. Take a good look at your nightly activities and find ways to optimize them for an earlier bedtime. This might mean cutting out unnecessary screen time, winding down with a good book, or prepping for the next day to reduce morning stress. Taming your evening is the key to unlocking the potential of early mornings.

Embracing the Early Hours

Waking up early isn't just about getting ahead on your to-do list; it's about embracing the stillness of the early hours when the world is at its most tranquil. The solitude provides the perfect environment for focused work and self-reflection. So, whether it's writing a chapter for a book, pursuing a personal project, or simply having some quiet time for yourself, early mornings are a precious gift.


Becoming a morning hero isn't reserved for a select few; it's a skill that anyone can cultivate. It's about making a commitment to your goals, managing your evening routine, and reaping the rewards of a productive morning. Remember, it's not about shortchanging your sleep; it's about finding balance and utilizing your time wisely.

So, my fellow heroes, the next time you have a daunting task or a dream you want to chase, consider setting your alarm clock a little earlier. Tame your evening, embrace the early hours, and watch how your productivity soars. Let's get out there and conquer our mornings, one sunrise at a time!


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Name: Alexio

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Result: Increased income from $100k to $350k in 2 years! 

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Name: Nicole

Niche: Tax & Financial Consulting

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