Make Your Success Non Negotiable

Jan 16, 2020

Let's be honest... we already know what you need to do.  We just have a hard time doing it on a consistent basis.

We set out to find new hacks and shortcuts and strategies when all we need to do is actually DO what we already know works to get the results that we need.

  • Wanna Lost weight??  Eat fewer calories, and burn more calories.
  • Wanna double your income?  Spend time on the phone prospecting for new clients every day.
  • Wanna improve your relationship?  Spend intentional (distraction-free) quality time with your partner every day.

It sounds simple right?  But the fact is we don't DO these simple things consistently.

I'll tell you a story about my friend who has mastered the art of consistent DOING

I hadn't seen him in a while and we had scheduled a lunch to reconnect.  That morning, I reached out to him to decided on a meeting place for our lunch date.

I had seen on social media that he had recently adopted a vegan lifestyle.  

To put this in context, I have known this guy for a long time and you would never think he would be a vegan!  He loved steak and eggs and he was the least bit environmentally conscious.  He had no religious reasons or health concerns that forced him to alter his lifestyle.  He was just doing it as a challenge to himself

So here we are trying to find a place for lunch and he is rejecting every suggestion that I have.

"Nope, can't eat that.  Nope, can't eat that either.  Nah.. that won't work either"

Frustrated, I say, "Dude... You're not even a real vegan.  Just let it go for today and you can pick it back up tomorrow!  I won't tell anybody!"

Without a pause or hesitation, he asserted to me "I can't because it's a Non-Negotiable for me"

He continued...

"If I set my mind to doing something, I make it non-negotiable.  Meaning that I will not bend or break on that commitment.  I will exhaust all options... I will explore every alternative... I will get creative... I will do everything that I can to honor that commitment.  I allow myself to make an excuse, I just find a way to make it happen!"

This Non-Negotiable mindset makes all the difference!

Instead of immediately accepting the excuse or caving into outside pressure, he forced himself to stay true to that commitment AT ALL COSTS!  

In his case, he was willing to bring his own pre-made meal to the restaurant so that he could stick to his Vegan challenge.

Instead of leaning into the excuse that "there's nothing on the menu that he can eat so he might as well just break it," he got creative... he got resourceful... and he explored other options so that he stuck with it.  

He didn't give himself an out... He didn't give himself any other option.  IT WAS NON-NEGOTIABLE!

Most people make half commitments.  They want to work out every day, but as soon as it gets a little cold out, they lean into the excuse.  As soon as the wake up late, they lean into the excuse.  As soon as they are a little tired, they lean into the excuse.  

When you commit to doing something, you have to make it Non-negotiable!

That's what makes high achievers different.  They don't bend... they don't break... they don't make excuses... they know what they have to do and nothing will get in the way of them doing it because it's non-negotiable!!




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Name: Alexio

Niche: Real Estate Investor

Result: Increased income from $100k to $350k in 2 years! 

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Name: Nicole

Niche: Tax & Financial Consulting

Result: Doubled Company Sales in 1 year!

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