This is why you can't focus! How to stop being busy and start making progress in 2020!

Jan 08, 2020

I've been meeting with a lot of people to talk about their goals for 2020 and it's amazing how much people over complicate things.   

The number one thing that holds people back is lack of focus and lack of clarity.

People get sucked into doing non-important "busy" work all day long and procrastinate on the important work (the stuff that moves the needle)

That inability to focus on the "needle-moving activities" is where people end up stuck in place... spinning in circles.... exhausted and overwhelmed.... frustrated.

Ultimately, they just give up and settle for less than they are capable of.

One of the members of my Morning Hero program showed me his 15-page Goal plan for the year with a 12 point action strategy for each goal.  He was pretty proud of it too! 

I promptly threw it in the garbage!

When you have 50 different action strategies, you will get lost in the matrix and your brain will focus on the easiest things (which are usually the things that make the smallest impact on hitting that goal)

When it comes to goals... LESS IS MORE!

When I'm helping someone create their goal ➡ action plan, we only focus on ONEthing.  

I ask them this question: 

  • "What's the one action, that if you do it consistently, will have the biggest impact towards hitting that goal?"

By focusing only on the ONE action that makes the biggest difference every day, it relieves stress, anxiety and overwhelm from having too much to think about.

More importantly, it forces you to only focus on the most important actions rather than getting sucked into spending your whole day on non-needle-moving activities.  


When I meet with my Morning Hero members, I help them put together a 3 sentence Goal ➡ Action plan for the year


By making their goals less complicated, it allows them to get hyper-focused on doing the activities that will have the biggest impact.  It ensures that they are not distracted by time-sucking "busy" work.

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I'll help you put together your 3 sentence action plan that will get you super clear & hyper-focused!

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Name: Alexio

Niche: Real Estate Investor

Result: Increased income from $100k to $350k in 2 years! 


Name: Alexio

Niche: Real Estate Investor

Result: Increased income from $100k to $350k in 2 years! 

Name: Zoraya

Niche: Real Estate Agent

Result: Increased income from $60k to $350k in 2 years


Name: Nicole

Niche: Tax & Financial Consulting

Result: Doubled Company Sales in 1 year!


Name: Nicole

Niche: Tax & Financial Consulting

Result: Doubled Company Sales in 1 year!

Name: Michael

Niche: Freelance Writer

Result: Double client base in just 3 months!

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