Break Through Any Barrier and stretch past your limits!

Jan 09, 2020

My friend asked me to run a half marathon with him this year.

My hamstrings started to tighten just listening to him utter the word "marathon."

Me and running don't get along.  I'm a football player and I'm built like a bowling ball.  I have a stocky, muscular build and I'm better suited for short sprints over distance running. 

Every time I run, everything hurts... my legs, my ankles, my chest, my ear lobes, my nostrils... EVERYTHING!  

For my entire life, I've just settled into the identity that I AM NOT A RUNNER.  It fit me well... and I wore it with no shame.

So imagine my shock and disgust when my friend had the audacity to proposition me with the one thing that I'm allergic to.... running!

I promptly said:

“fool... the most I’ve ever run is 3.5 miles!  I’m not a runner... I’m a sprinter. I physically can’t run long distances.” 😂

But he didn't let up.  His challenge was persistent and now my pride was on the line.  Also, he had the same body build as me... and if he could do it, then I'd have no excuse

I finally gave in decided to sign up for the race.  Keep in mind that up until this point, I have never exceeded 3.5 miles continuously.  Now I had just committed to completing 13.1 miles!

Being the over achiever that I am, my very first day of training, I decided to set a new personal best.  I planned to run 4 miles straight!  this woud be a huge milestone for me!

Not only did I CRUSH 4 miles... I kept running past my stopping point and went 4.5 miles!  AND IT WAS EASY!!!

This whole time, I’ve had this mental blockage thinking that my body wouldn’t let me run more than 3 miles.  But it wasn’t my body that was stopping me... it was my mind! 

By signing up for a race, it forced me to COMMIT to going past my barrier.  And guess what... I broke that barrier the very next day after making the commitment! 👊🏽

I challenge you to sign up for something that you don’t think you can do.  Sign up to speak in public... sign up for a race... sign up for a competition.  

The minute that you COMMIT by signing up, you will immediately breakthrough and DO that thing that you didn’t think that you could do!

Leave a comment and tell me what barrier you will breakthrough this year. 🏆


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