The Perfect Morning Routine

Jan 22, 2020

Your entire day is dictated by your morning. 

I'm sure you've experienced a time when the day didn't start well and the rest of the day was off.  Maybe you got some bad news or an irritating email or maybe you just woke up late and groggy.  From that point forward, it seems like the whole day was chaotic.  Nothing went right.  You could never catch back up.  Your energy was off and you just felt "blah" all day long. 

On days like that, I just want to crawl back in the bed and hit the reset button!

Your morning will dictate how your entire day goes.  If you start the day with energy, vibrancy, calm, peace, organization and focus, you will take that spirit into your entire day and be on target and productive all day long.

However, if you start the day with low energy, groggy, frantic, disorganized and tense, then that's what your entire day will look like.  That's the energy that you will carry with you all day long.

Three years ago, I started doing a morning routine that has instrumentally transformed my life!

I went from having very lethargic days that just coasted by to having an explosive amount of energy, enthusiasm, excitement, joy, focus, execution and follow-through!

The only thing that I changed was how I started my day.

My tagline is "If you WIN the morning, you WIN the day!"

To take that even further, when you WIN your days... you start WINNING your weeks.  Weeks turn into months, which turn into years.   You start WINNING your life... all because of your mornings!

I'll share with you the 5 things that I do every morning that has completely transformed me to the core of my being.  I guarantee that if you implement one (or all) of these habits, you will some big changes in your life too:

STEP 1: Wake Up Early

  • Progress is made before 6am.  After that, you are just maintaining!
  • Your day will end exactly how it starts.  If you snooze all the way until the last minute, you will just up running into the frenzy of the day.  Therefore, your entire day will be just that.... a frenzy!  You have to give yourself time for a slow, controlled ramp up.  Build-in time for prayer... to read... to catch up on things... to get ahead of the day.
  • Wake up 1 hour earlier each day to do the steps outlined in this process

STEP 2: Meditate

  • Meditation is the art of slowing down and quieting down just enough to hear the whispers of the Universe.
  • At any given point in time, you are being fed the answers that you are looking for.  How to deal with a problem... How to address a situation... What to say to that person... A new idea for your business... A resolution to an obstacle.  The answers are being spoken to you right now... you just need a way to hear them.  To hear your gut... to hear your intuition... to hear "that little birdie."   The Universe is trying to tell you something every day.  Quiet yourself... listen... and let it guide you!
  • Use a meditation app and meditate (10 mins)

STEP 3: Write down your goals

  • When you write your goals down on paper, the Universe starts to rearrange itself to help you achieve them!
  • Do you suffer from a lack of focus?  Write your goals every day!  Disorganized?  Write your goals every day!  Scattered and overwhelmed?  Write your goals every day!  It sounds simple, but this one little habit will change the course of your entire day!  When you connect to your goals by writing them down, now it changes the lens in which you view the world.  You remind yourself of your greater purpose and all of your energy and attention will be focused on doing the activities that push those goals forward.  It will help you filter out distractions because your goals will be top-of-mind.  It also ignites "The Law of Attraction" and all of a sudden, you will start attracting People and Opportunities that align with those goals. 
  • Get a journal and write down your goals EVERY.DAMN.DAY! (3 mins)

STEP 4: Calendar your day

  • A "to-do list" is where good intentions go to DIE!
  • After writing down your goals, you will naturally start coming up with things that you should do to move those goals forward.  As you start writing these actions down, it starts to take shape as a "To-do" list and that's where most people stop.  They have this giant to-do list and they never finish what's on there.  The list isn't prioritized or ordered in any special way.  It's just a list of random thoughts.  So our brains will naturally focus on the easiest things on that list.  We spend our entire day working on the things that are lowest priority, or things that don't actually move the needle forward.  It's busy work... not progressive work.  In order to break this cycle of "Busy, but not productive," you have to move the most important items from your "To-do" list and schedule them on your Calendar!
  • Your Calendar represents all of your commitments.  Important appointments... meetings with clients... big events.  For most people, the rest of their calendar is left blank.  White space on your calendar is the death of productivity.  You will fill that time with busy, non-productive work.  The best way to combat this is to fill up all of the whitespace on your calendar with the important actions that you have to get done.  Schedule them just as if they are appointments.  When you schedule the important things on your calendar, you are 3 times more likely to get it done!
  • Put your important "to-do's" on your calendar (15 mins)

STEP 5: Exercise!

  • A Morning Workout is the best way to build extreme momentum to CRUSH your day!  it gives you that first big WIN for the day.  You walk into your day already accomplishing something hard and you take that swagger with you all day long.  You walk into your workday with an air of confidence and you show up with more energy and vibrancy!  Not to mention, you burn more calories all day so you get skinnier in the process!!
  • Find an early morning gym class to hold you accountable or just go for a walk / run (30 - 60 mins)

Commit to your mornings, and just sit back and watch how everything becomes easier!

This is what it means to be a #MorningHero.  We wake up early and crush our goals EVERY.DAMN.DAY!!

If you struggle in this area, Click Here and I'll share some more pointers with you


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Name: Alexio

Niche: Real Estate Investor

Result: Increased income from $100k to $350k in 2 years! 

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Name: Nicole

Niche: Tax & Financial Consulting

Result: Doubled Company Sales in 1 year!

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